Note: Orbus Australia does not pay executive salaries, there are no personal expenses paid for volunteers. There are no administration costs in Australia. By request Craig Manners does not  accept any Orbus donations for his personal expenses. No Australian volunteers to Malawi receive any wages, fees, airfares, accommodation, or personal expenses from Orbus donations, and no Orbus people in Australia are paid or have their expenses paid. The majority of your donation will be used to assist the poor and needy as fully and directly as possible.

In Australia:

Orbus Australia is a ministry arm of South Yarra Presbyterian Church (SYPC), and is governed by the Board of Management of SYPC.

Donations can be made by cheque:

South Yarra Presbyterian Church-Orbus Contra A/C
PO Box 9007
South Yarra
Victoria 3141

By Electronic Funds Transfer:

Bank: ANZ Bank

A/C Name: South Yarra Presbyterian Church - Orbus Contra A/C

BSB: 013-440

Account No: 487 462 388

Donations are accepted in Malawi directly at the Orbus Centre at Ngumbe and through the (CCAP) -Blantyre Synod and in Australia on behalf of Orbus by the South Yarra Presbyterian Church.

Donate in Malawi:

Orbus encourages and welcome donations of resources, and volunteers from Malawians and Malawian businesses.

Requirements include volunteer teachers, carers, cleaners, gardeners, agriculturalists, Bible teachers, readers to read to and listen to the children read out books in Chichewa and English.

Resources most welcomed include educational resources, furniture, toys, play equipment, children’s clothes, food items, farm tools, equipment and resources.

Orbus would also very much welcome donations to assist with the feeding program to cover the costs of the RAB Processors vitamin and minerals enriched Likhuni Phala plus donations of firewood.

Please just deliver your donations directly to the project Centre at Ngumbe or contact Orbus by email at or through the CCAP Blantyre Synod; PO Box 413 Blantyre.