The Orbus Centre for the Care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Ngumbe, Blantyre, Malawi, was opened on 31st July 2010. The Centre is held in trust by the CCAP Blantyre Synod in partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (in Australia) to be used for the purpose of caring for orphans and vulnerable children.

The Centre's programs and activities come under the oversight of the CCAP Blantyre Synod through the Blantyre Synod Health and Development Commission and the Synod's Education Department.

The Centre has two current Trustees:

Rev. Alex Maulana: Rev. Maulana is the General Secretary of the CCAP Blantyre Synod and is the current Malawian Trustee of the Orbus Centre at Ngumbe. 


Rev. John Wilson: John is the Clerk of the Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (Australia) and is the current Australian Trustee of the Orbus Centre at Ngumbe.



Programs within the Centre include:

The Orbus Nursery School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children - started on 6th September 2010. See a report on the first week of the Nursery School at Report in Word Document or Report in PDF

The Orbus Junior Primary School for orphans and vulnerable children - started Standard 1 on 5th September 2011. Standards 2 and 3 started on 3rd September 2012. Standard 4 started on 9th September 2013. CLICK HERE for a link to the BSHDC Press Release announcing  the opening of the new Orbus Junior Primary School grades 2 and 3 classes in September 2012.

A Nutritional Feeding Program feeding vitamin and minerals enriched porridge to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) every morning Monday to Friday.

Under 3's Class - looks after OVC aged 2-3 every morning during school hours.

An Agricultural/farming project to provide income to make the Centre self-sustainable.This includes vegetables; tomatoes; sugar-cane; various crops such as maize, pigeon peas, soya beans and sunflower seeds; fruit trees including mango, guava, banana, paw-paw, orange, tangarine, lemon, avacado, passion fruit and grapes; 600 blue gum trees for poles and firewood; pig, goat and chicken breeding.

Orbus also conduct intermiitent general orphan care activities, not just in the Ngumbe area but wherever opportunities arise for Orbus to assist those in need in practical ways such as providing Chichewa language Bibles, intermittent and/or emergency food and grocery supplies, mosquito nets, clothes, basic necessities, school fees, improved access to clean water and health care. 

Orbus has provided clean water wells for needy villages in and around the Orbus Centre and are willing to provide new wells with manual Afridev pumps in areas around the Centre where there is genuine need. Please contact Craig Manners to arrange an inspection.

Orbus Centre founding documents:

Orbus Junior Primary School Code of Conduct and Respect.

Orbus Centre Mission Statement

CCAP Blantyre Synod/Presbyterian Church of Victoria/Orbus Australia Agreement September 2010.

Read a news article from Malawi's national newspaper The Nation of 26th November 2010: Click Here

CCAP Blantyre Synod Mission Partners


"Remember the poor."-Galatians 2:10


Why does God allow so many of His children to be poor? He could make them all rich if He pleased; He could lay bags of gold at their doors; He could send them a large annual income; or He could scatter round their houses abundance of provisions, as once he made the quails lie in heaps round the camp of Israel, and rained bread out of heaven to feed them. There is no necessity that they should be poor, except that He sees it to be best. "The cattle upon a thousand hills are His"-He could supply them; He could make the richest, the greatest, and the mightiest bring all their power and riches to the feet of His children, for the hearts of all men are in His control. But He does not choose to do so; He allows them to suffer want, He allows them to pine in penury and obscurity. Why is this? There are many reasons: one is, to give us, who are favoured with enough, an opportunity of showing our love to Jesus. We show our love to Christ when we sing of Him and when we pray to Him; but if there were no sons of need in the world we should lose the sweet privilege of evidencing our love, by ministering in alms-giving to His poorer brethren; He has ordained that thus we should prove that our love standeth not in word only, but in deed and in truth. If we truly love Christ, we shall care for those who are loved by Him. Those who are dear to Him will be dear to us. Let us then look upon it not as a duty but as a privilege to relieve the poor of the Lord's flock-remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Surely this assurance is sweet enough, and this motive strong enough to lead us to help others with a willing hand and a loving heart-recollecting that all we do for His people is graciously accepted by Christ as done to Himself. Charles Spurgeon.