March 2011 Newsletter

   Update on Activities - November 2010 to March 2011:

* The Orbus Nursery School.

* OVC Nutritional Feeding program.

* The Orbus Farm and Agricultural program.

* Further Site Developments.

* HIV/AIDS Group.

* Craft and Fellowship Group.

* Sports teams.

* The Masters family home.

*Visitors to the Orbus Centre.

* The Orbus Files: Snapshots of some of the children around Ngumbe.


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Please Click Here to view photos of Orbus’ activity from March 2010 to November 2011.

  Alinafe on her 1st day at the Orbus Centre 6th September 2010. Alinafe means "God is with us" in Chichewa

The little girl above is "Alinafe" a name which in Chichewa means "God is with us". This photo was taken on 7th September 2010 on Alinafe's 1st day at the Orbus Centre in Ngumbe, Malawi. 

Alinafe at the Orbus Centre 14th February 2011Alinafe at the Orbus Centre on 14th February 2011, five months later.