The following photo albums show some of the activity of Orbus during the months of May to September 2010:

Progress photos of the Orbus Centre for the Care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) at Ngumbe, Blantyre, Malawi from May to September 2010: Click Here

Landscaping, cleaning up and finishing the buildings and project off after the builders finished. July to September 2010: Click Here

The Opening Ceremony for the Orbus Centre on 31st July 2010: Click Here

The Orbus Nursery School for OVC - some photos from the first few days: Click Here

The Feeding Program at the Orbus Centre September 2010: Click Here

Photos of some of the distribution of goods to orphans and vulnerable children by Orbus from June to September 2010:Click Here

Orbus Farm and Agricultural Project - May to September 2010: Click Here

Providing clean drinking water for a remote village near the Orbus Centre. 22nd September 2010: Click Here

The well at the Orbus site- Sept 2010: Click Here

The Masters family for which Orbus are building a new home:Click Here

Some photos of drop-off and pick-up time at the Orbus kindy: Click Here

Some of the people involved in Orbus from May to October 2010: Click Here

Some general photos of and from Malawi - May to September 2010: Click Here


Alinafe on her 1st day at the Orbus Centre 6th September 2010. Alinafe means "God is with us" in Chichewa


 Some children celebrating after the Opening Ceremony of the Orbus Centre on 31st July 2010


The Orbus Centre was opened on 31st July 2010The Clerk of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (in Australia) Rev. John Wilson and the General Secretary of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Blantyre Synod Rev. McDonald Kadawati jointly opened the Orbus Centre on 31st July 2010, symbolizing the partnership between Malawians and Australians.

 The Orbus Centre was opened on 31st July 2010

Orbus built a clean water well in a remote part of Daniel Village where they previously had no clean drinking water and there was an outbreak of cholera last Christmas. Chief Daniel opened the well on 22nd September 2010
22nd September 2010: Chief Daniel opens a new well built by Orbus in Daniel Village, near where a number of people died in early 2010 from cholera because they had no clean drinking water.
Manuel and Cecilia Masters 14th Sept 2010
 Cecilia carrying her younger brother Manuel 14th September. Orbus are building a new home for Manuel and his siblings who having lost both parents live together and care for Manuel.
Ladies carrying water at the Orbus Centre May 2010