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April 2009 Newsletter

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Orbus Orphan Care Ministry:

April 2009 Newsletter:


1-     Food production continuing on Orbus’ land, to feed the Namatete orphans.

2-     Orbus 1st building ready to go.

3-     Stage 1 pegged out and site works have commenced.

4-     Donated goods have arrived safely in Blantyre from Australia.

5-     Visits by Australians.

6-     Health clinic study under way.

7-      Backpack Project launched by SYPC.

8-      New photos from March/April 2009 online.

9-     YouTube  Orbus March/April presentation online at  or at



 Food Production:

Orbus has successfully grown and harvested enough corn (maize) from its 1st maize crop, on the Orbus land, to feed up to 100 children for a full year. Some of this crop will be used in the short-term and some will be treated, bagged and stored for future use. Some of the previous crops of vegetables failed due to bad weather, however some of it was harvested and used to feed some of the Namatete orphans who come to the Namatete CCAP feeding and teaching program every Saturday. Some produce was also sold to a local restaurant. 

  The Orbus Boarding School for Orphaned Children:

 During March and April 2009 Stage 1 was pegged out, site works commenced and Orbus’ 1st building almost completed to a usable stage. Further development of the new Orbus boarding school for AIDS orphans on Orbus’ 100% owned 6.202 hectare plot of land in Blantyre, Malawi is expected to continue over the coming months.

Goods Shipped from Australia:

Many thanks to everyone who provided goods for the container sent from Australia in October 2008. Orbus director Craig Manners visited Blantyre in March 2009 and can report that the goods are safe and sound and awaiting completion of the project. Among the numerous items for the orphaned children in storage in Blantyre is bedding for 100 children; clothes; toys; Bibles and books. The Systematic Theology books have already been widely distributed by Colin on behalf of Orbus among many of the ministers around Malawi.

Visits by Australians:

Orbus advisers Robert Boyle and Melanie McGrice visited Blantyre in March/April 2009 as did director Craig Manners and his son Joshua. Their visits went very well, cementing relationships, encouraging the Orbus people, visiting the Orbus site, conducting a board meeting, initiating the clinic study, and visiting the Namatete orphans and the orphans being sponsored by Orbus at the Rose Garden School.

 Orbus Health Clinic:

New Orbus volunteer and adviser Melanie McGrice visited Blantyre in April to familiarize herself with the project, to meet the Orbus personnel in Blantyre, and to conduct an initial study into establishing a health clinic on the Orbus site as part of the project. It is envisaged the clinic will provide basic health care for the orphaned children and also to local residents in the surrounding areas on a fee-paying basis.

Orbus Backpack Project:

Click for details on the SYPC Orbus Backpack Project, a project to provide orphans in Blantyre, Malawi with a backpack each filled with things they need for school.

Orbus Development and Aid in Central Africa Limited



Australia: Craig Manners

Ph: 03-9877 0312 (Melbourne)

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