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November 2010 Newsletter

November 2010 Newsletter

Highlights from May to October 2010:

* Stage 1 of the Orbus Centre for the care of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) at Ngumbe, Blantyre, Malawi completed.

* Landscaping of the Orbus site begins July-September 2010.

* Orbus Centre management and staff identified and appointed.

* Opening Ceremony held on 31st July 2010.

* The Orbus Nursery School for OVC started classes on 6th September 2010.

* OVC nutritional feeding program started.

* Agricultural program expanded.

* HIV & AIDS Club established.

* Craft and Fellowship Room set up for parents and guardians of OVC.

* Two clean water wells and pumps completed, one at Daniel Village and one at the Orbus site.

* The Orbus Ngumbe Junior Soccer Club initiated and equipped.

* Backpacks and container goods from Australia distributed.

* Masters family home to be rebuilt.

* New 5o bed CCAP residential orphanage resourced by Orbus.

* Partnership established with CCAP Blantyre Synod.

* Restructure of Orbus in Malawi underway.

* St. Andrew’s Christian College raises funds for Orbus.


  Please Click Here for a PDF copy of the full November 2010 Newsletter.

       Please Click Here to view photos of Orbus’ activity from May to October.


 Alinafe on her 1st day at the Orbus Centre 6th September 2010. Alinafe means "God is with us" in ChichewaThe little girl above is "Alinafe" a name which in Chichewa means "God is with us". This photo was taken on 7th September 2010 on Alinafe's 1st day at the Orbus Centre in Ngumbe, Malawi.